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Elections Officer

The election agent is the person who acts as a candidate's agent during an election providing the candidate with advice regarding legal conduct during an election and registering the candidate to compete. Their rights and responsibilities are defined in law and in practice they have to be appointed by the candidate or, at some PR elections, by the list of candidates. They certify candidates so that they can use an official Green Party description on the ballot paper, and request that a party emblem appears on it. The election agent is also entitled to have copies of the electoral register and updates on a year-round basis. Another important aspect of this role is organizing internal elections, for example for officer posts at the AGM or when selecting a candidate for an election.

* Help candidates navigate electoral requirements.
* Take the lead in screening candidates.
* Responsible for internal elections.

The role requires a person dedicated to the progress of the party and prepared to devote some time towards supporting the ambitions of other people. It is a selfless role and require requiring tenacity, attention to detail and knowledge of relevant legislation.

If you are interested in this role please contact us on northwestwales@walesgreenparty.com