About Us

The Green Party is different - we are a genuinely grass-roots movement of individuals who believe that there are alternatives to austerity and to the toxic influence of finance on our political system.
We believe that social welfare should provide a real and valuable safety net, and that education, clean air, publicly-owned healthcare and leadership with integrity are achievable aims and should be at the heart of political debate.If you live in Ynys Mon, Arfon, Aberconwy or Clywd West constituencies join us at one of our upcoming events - to share ideas, ask questions and join the discussion.

Upcoming Events

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The Green Party Political Programme sets out what Greens are in politics to do: to end the system that keeps hurting the environment and all of us who rely on it – and to build a better alternative.

This Programme isn’t like other parties’ manifestos, it has not been squeezed through focus groups and stripped down according to the latest polling. Instead it has been built from policies proposed and voted on by our members, looking to secure the long term future of the places and people they love.

It’s a vision of a better world, and together we can deliver it.