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#TrashTag – Cleaning the Dingle In Colwyn Bay

This Saturday we along with volunteers cleaned 150kg of waste from the Dingle in Colwyn Bay. This beautiful little stream which runs through the centre of Colwyn Bay was full of plastic as well as a shopping trolley and sadly syringes.

By cleaning the Dingle we have saved waste from entering the Bay and then into the Sea.

Among the volunteers was Brian Laing who is our candidate in the upcoming Rhiw Town Council by Election, he wants to improve the area by the Dingle by placing more litter bins along the route.

You can see what he had to say in the video below.

A massive thank you to all volunteers who helped this Saturday

Volunteers cleaning the Dingle in Colwyn Bay

One thought on “#TrashTag – Cleaning the Dingle In Colwyn Bay

  1. Hi I lived in Greenfield road before it was all flats, and walked to school every day through the Dingle and home again. It was lovely. Now I’m to scared to go there, how sad. Thank you for doing this Fab. 🥰

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