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Denbighshire County Council Climate Emergency

On Saturday the 29th of June at 1pm in Ruthin Extinction Rebellion will be holding a protest requesting that Denbighshire County Council declare a Climate Emergency.  We are in full support of this request and will be at the protest to show our continued solidarity.

North Wales has great opportunity to use this to revolutionise our economy and industries creating new jobs and fresh investment in North Wales. By declaring a climate emergency, we can ensure that we make substantial progress to a carbon free future from housing, transport and farming to energy.

For a long time, the Green Party have been shouting about the advances of a Green New Deal and the benefits of protecting the climate not just the next 10 years but our descendants we are yet to even think of.

Anthony Slaughter Green Party Leader at the AGM in Scarborough this year said "Wales deserves better. As a nation with unrivalled natural resources and a long history of tackling social injustice, Wales could and should be leading the way in creating a greener and fairer future. Greens are the change that Wales needs. Greens promoting a Green New Deal. Greens introducing a Citizen’s Income. Greens standing up to the rise of the far right. Greens fighting to keep our place in Europe."

Conwy Council have already declared a Climate Emergency and we hope that Denbighshire will follow soon



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