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Open Day in Colwyn Bay

Our AGM on 7th of April was a great day with plenty to watch and take part in discussion.

Harriet gave a presentation on local politics and the differences between Town and County Councillors, AM's and MP's as well as devolved issues that a governed by Wales.

We also had videos from Alex Harris Town Councillor in the Seven Valleys, as well as Sian Berry, Rosie and Maggie from the Solihull Green Party

Dawn gave a very interesting talk at the AGM about the Hidden Carers in Wales.

Each day 600 people give up work to become a full-time carer often these carers often go unnoticed, unsupported and unpaid.

These unpaid heroes are saving the NHS in Wales 8.1 billion pounds per year

If you are a carer or if you know of someone who is a carer please pass on the link. As Carers Wales would like to hear from you.

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